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Questions and the Answers everybody wants to know.

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Does this tool violate OnlyFans Terms Of Service?

No, it doesn't violate terms of service.
Many creators get confused about this because of this paragraph in the OF Terms of Service:
... You shall not use any tool or automated process...to extract, collect, harvest or gather content or information ...
This tool does not extract, collect or harvest any content or information from your OnlyFans so it's safe to use.
It simply automates the click of a button in your expired fans follow section and allows you to access data on our servers.
Rest assured, you're very safe using this tool.

Where to download the official version of OnlyFans Expired Fans Follower / Follow Bot?

The only official and working version of OnlyFans Expired Fans Follow / Follow Bot can be found on OfAutoFollower.com.
To install the OnlyFans Expired Fans Follower / Follow Bot:
  • Click on INSTALL NOW
  • This will take you to Chrome Web Store
  • Now click on Add to Chrome / Add to Brave
  • This will install the version of OnlyFans Expired Fans Follower / Follow Bot that is verified by Google Team
Please be aware of cheaper scams promising the same results!

Does this tool find all my Expired Fans?

Yes, it does.
Obviously, you can't follow all expired fans, but this tool does the best possible job to find everyone you can follow in the expired fans list.
Then, it prioritizes to follow expired fans who spend the most money on you so far.

Where do I find e-mail associated with my OnlyFans account?

In order to successfully activate the extension, you need to provide the e-mail address you use to sign in to your OnlyFans account.
To find the e-mail associated with your OnlyFans account:
  • Go to OnlyFans.com
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Account
  • You will see your associated e-mail in the Email field
I highly recommend using some of the free tools out there for OnlyFans Search. One of the best ones I've found is definitely FansMetrics.
You can use it to search Free OnlyFans or OnlyFans Free Trials.